Odd Pets & A Sock

by Plum Flower Embroidery

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recorded in 2009 at Plumhaus

remastered in 2017 at Under Bolton UK


released April 1, 2010

all instruments & voices, Richard Knutson

The Moonsheep is a poem by Christian Morganstern
Act V is a poem by Thomas Aldritch

all songs Richard Knutson
© PFE Music 2017



all rights reserved


Plum Flower Embroidery Bolton, UK

Included here are Plum Flower Embroidery, White Plum, Sunday Night IC, Beat The Dutch, Frappe Dreamgate & Flooding Opera.

I'm also involved with Churn Milk Joan, Neutral Sons and The Chacers which are elsewhere on Bandcamp.

Recordings cover 1980 to the present.

Plum Flower Embroidery is the solo projects of Richard Knutson.

PFE Music is the net label umbrella which shelters the collection.
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Track Name: Lighter Tone
drop a line
I will be forever fine
blow my mind
I will very nearly make you mine
dress in stone
you could use the colour of a lighter

take your brush
paint a little man
paint a bunch
paint the start
it's the best of all possible art
paint your own
with the colour of a lighter tone

whisper sweet
expectations you could never meet
come one wings
set me down on my feet
I cry alone
you could use the colour of a lighter tone

give me candy kisses
euphoric states
give me later on
not far too late
give just the sweetest lies
give me sunshine to dry my eyes

you may tire of the man on the wire
against the greyest sky
you think he can fly
like a seed is blown
you could use the colour of a lighter tone
Track Name: Act V (2014 mix)
first two white arms held him close
ever closer as he drew him back reluctantly
loose gold-coloured hair
a thousand delicate fibres
reaching out to detain him

then some twenty steps of iron stairs winding round and down
ending in a narrow gallery
hung with Goblin tapestries
Andromeda rescued by Perseus
sleek Diana with her nymphs bathing

at the farther end a door that gave upon a starlit grove
citron and clipt palm-trees
then a path as bleached as moonlight
with the shadow of leaves stamped black upon it

next a vine-clad length of solid masonry
last of all a Gothic archway packed with night
and then a sudden gleaming dagger through his heart
Track Name: The Flowery Path
on the other side about to descend
wild shagged and lonely
winging down and up again

in reflected rays
looking carefully
over which the torrent came
a gaggle of little men
not a one accepting blame

in a prolonged world of distraction
peculiar quiet all around
dream away of the remnants of Sleepy Hollow

some stay bewitched in the place
vacant hours with perfect ease
the murmer of summer breeze

the flowery path
listliss repose
flutter by potential
withdraw the end of your nose

moonsheep spoke not a word
embrace no cur
raising no objection
it's exactly as you heard
Track Name: If You Can't Handle Your Drugs
skin on ply
I can see your open minds eye
shining saphire
you are such a lion (lying bastard)

my ammended soul
looking for a name
my loving baby
did exactly the same

liberated lady liberating things
right chuffed by what success often brings
mellow talk but you know guns are quicker
I got mushrooms
and we both got sicker

I'm a dirty ranger
I'm a splinter
I'm a nasty stranger
I'm a legend 5 fingers long
honey's doing everything she can think of
with King Kong

wearing alabaster master mask
7 layers deep have a banana
take a bath
I got it from the produce isle
I gave it to the vegetable man
standing beside you

darling hung the wash outside on the line
imagine my surprise along comes a friend of mine
slinging fairly fairy dust
a thousand million fairy pixies are thinking
oh they must!

you can only at delectations we could achieve
if you can't handle your drugs
I think you better leave
Track Name: More Sugar
my arms-my head
my never mind in bed
wander space years instead

the damned alerts
nothing you can do
always her shedding fur
always eating nothing but prawn
leave it to a northerner

my stain-my frame
my photogenic oxygen
granddad FX on your knee
it's the string what you don't see

sourdough special needs
all you can is drive
drive to the other side of time

my soup-my sugar
my cantilever very small
something lost in translation
that's all

attention seeking behaviour
on a screen of blue
a wealth of evening primrose
and more sugar for you