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recorded in 2011
by Richard Knutson
or Plum Flower Embroidery
at Plumhaus
in MN
remastered in 2013
at Under Bolton UK
new mixes along the way

Crowbar Key is a poem by William Stafford


released February 1, 2011

all songs Richard Knutson
© PFE Music 2011



all rights reserved


Plum Flower Embroidery Bolton, UK

Included here are Plum Flower Embroidery, White Plum, Sunday Night IC, Beat The Dutch, Frappe Dreamgate & Flooding Opera.

I'm also involved with Churn Milk Joan, Neutral Sons and The Chacers which are elsewhere on Bandcamp.

Recordings cover 1980 to the present.

Plum Flower Embroidery is the solo projects of Richard Knutson.

PFE Music is the net label umbrella which shelters the collection.
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Track Name: I Hear God
the hungry little fox
would take down an ox
a martre for his art
the hungry thieving tart

the things you can not grasp
the thieving hungry wasp
mendacity is never less
than harmony

a good Friday it turn out to be
Sunday he emerged as three
full of glee
wickedness and tricks
hunting humans
the thieving minx

a respected man
a bromide priest
the sacrifice you fear the least
canary silent o're my head
detection theory

the second card from a short deck split
and badly acted with a cigarette
when doubt assails his comfort nook
surpassing wrath
and confidence shook

the hungry fox
the man
the goat
he says "I hear God in every note"
Track Name: Iceburg Vicky
station trains dotted pets
puzzling out their beards
cars that speak missed IQ
inqueries lead you to

uni-sex Eno-Krispy rolling Kwai Chang Cain
ripping his torso he plays guitar
selects a rope in vain
velocity of replicated sorcery the loop
under report results evacuate the group
winter turned his cesspit into a skating rink
Toppy Montreau (the villian)
made off with the sink
if you him and we were us
would you even blink?

station trains...

arctic sticky Iceburg Vicky
grappling with fame
vicious yob hamburger job
one in the same
Bell That Jingle what a horse!
keep your eye on him
Wells the angel Crisis Isis
all could someday win
what you like?
I don't know you
tell me anything
send him in with a pair of scissors
snip before they sing
it's the last parade the last big band
religion for they swing
you don't know what my sister knows
Elvis Presely is king

Vicky on a hill 1970
plunging down Chevy Camero
she wants to be free
no voice in spring no hesitation into the valley
banking with these institutions murderers go free
Gucci bag just knowledge
you could have been so much more
you missed a number of payments
for that you burn in hell
she's your last best hope and there she goes
with a bang right through the slot
if she survives the drop
will you be on top or not
Track Name: Dying Reptile
catastrophic legs the prisoner begs
who keeps the jewels and gold out of fear
winged prayers defeat the hording reptile
predicted collapse the collective fear

always changing his face for the fool
the livestock grazing messing with his cool
deminished returns from the field with a gun
absolutely no meat
lock the gate
do not run

oh no
they shall not have it

in between to parties
the worm against the lion
in the dungeon in the chalet
the reptile is dying

oh no
they shall not have it
the cracks in the paint
the marble and tile
the century is not in question
all their labours and their vanity
no longer in style

we treasure what you say
we record you everyday
it's the sound of your words
it's the flock and the herd
Track Name: ETTALL
thick in the head not to see
the pretty creature looking at me
chance do you believe?
why I'm so quick

relieve my wanting mind babe
e t t a l l

can't say why I still get down
maybe I should look around
at the wall
only see
ideas falling all around me

relieve my wanting mind babe
e t t a l l

get down
look around
prolly write it down...
Track Name: Crowbar Key
A poem by William Stafford
Track Name: Nice
be nice be nice be nice
be nice to me be nice

won't you ride a sky cloud
won't you dance with me

learn to smile
and learn to read
and do yourself
a very good deed

won't you be nice?

cut you nails
and cut your teeth
and paint that tree from underneath

won't you be nice?
Track Name: Dog Headed Men
the time between dog headed men
fell back as rain
heavy thunder and lightning
the nearer they came
a forest high
they could touch the clouds
with horns and beards
to amaze the ceaseless crowds
dog headed men all with six toes
and one eye to see
where the pretty baby goes

a lifetime of plays
ballads manuscript
mysterious genealogy
wonders from Egypt
evil rumours allegory and and rhyme
carry on with what you know
intelligent you dine
wild flowers
strewn upon the floor
the night was dark
but the nature of the beast was pure